Harkakötöny – home of the natural world






This musically-named village was formed from the union of two plains – Harka and Kötöny. We can find Harkakötöny 11 km from Kiskunhalas, one and a half km off road number 5402, which runs between Kiskunhalas and Kiskunmajsa. It can be reached by train too, as it is a stop on the Kiskunhalas to Kiskunfélegyháza railway line.

And why is it worth coming here?, the potential visitor may ask. Primarily for the beauty of the countryside, the birds that nest by the lake and the peace and quiet that is only broken by the merrymaking of the “Kötöny Days” every autumn.  


Population: 990 




The History and Economy of Harkakötöny



 Archaeological finds have been unearthed in several parts of the village. The settlement of the Cumanians in the 13th century is indicated in the parish’s present day name. After the destructive invasion of the Turks in the 16th century, the area became uninhabited. Farms were established on the plains of Harka and Kötöny during the 1800s and the present village was founded in 1949 from the union of these two plains.




The land of the region is sandy. Crude oil and natural gas are produced within the parish boundaries. The agricultural activity of the community is traditionally the growing of corn and rye and the keeping of sheep. Forestry is also important. A collective farm was established in place of the former numerous smallholdings, but this has now been privatized. The fishery by Lake Harka is also in private hands. The planting of forests and the cultivation of reeds are regular activities.






Culture in Harkakötöny


The cultural and social needs of the villagers are served by the local church, cultural centre and library. There is a telecottage, which provides Internet access for anyone who wants to make connections with the wider world. The village also has a playing field and a sports hall where the local sports association organizes programmes for those seeking exercise and relaxation. Several folk art craftsmen and other artists are active in the parish and they are regular participants in the cultural life of the village. Harkakötöny has a partnership with Moacşa in Translyvanian Romania.





Special Events in Harkakötöny


April: The Day of Birds and Trees. This event takes place by Lake Harka. It is organized by local schools. Pupils arrive at the end of cycling, riding or walking tours.
September, last two weekends: The “Kötöny Days”. At this time, the village celebrates with a series of events held over several days. Visitors can enjoy performances and exhibitions, a festival and a fair, and special events connected with riding and with the grape harvest, as well as being able to taste the famous “Kötöny meat stew”. The highlight is the Harvest Ball in the evening.





Tourism in Harkakötöny



When (big) city folk visit a village there is always the enticing possibility of meeting “good people”. Hungarian villages really have preserved something from the world of folk tales. Those who would like to get acquainted with folk arts and crafts should seek out the local practitioners – just for example, there are those who carve wood and stone, who paint, who play the zither and who folk dance – and all of them keep good wine at home!



Information: József Attila Cultural Centre – 6136 Harkakötöny, Kossuth u. 5. Telephone: 77/489-045



It is worth taking a stroll to Lake Harka, where there are excellent opportunities for hiking and also a nature trail. A separate fishing lake can be found beside the village. Information: Tibor Kanász, president of the Angler’s Association, tel.: 30/953-8074. The Hunters’ Society organizes the care and hunting of both small game (pheasants, rabbits) and large (wild boar, deer).
Information: Dr. Árpád Molnár, 6400 Kiskunhalas, Monszpart L. u. 1.,
tel.: 77/423-011.




Natural Values in Harkakötöny 


North of the village is Lake Harka (GPS coordinates: N 46°28,330’  E 019°35,947’). Its surface is 100 ha; the surrounding conservation area, which is a habitat for rare species of plant, covers 515 ha. The birdlife of the lake is also very precious. 71 different kinds of nesting, migratory and stray bird have so far been sighted. In the interests of conservation, swimming, rowing and fishing in the lake are all forbidden. Visitors can familiarize themselves with the natural world of Lake Harka on the 6.5 km nature trail. There are information posts, but a guided tour can also be requested. Information and applications for visiting:
Endre Győri, tel.: 77/489-276, 70/943-9590, fax: 77/489-276,
e-mail: keialap@freemail.hu















Those wishing to take part in a longer and more detailed tour should contact Iván Kovács on 30/2-490-977;









Accommodation in Harkakötöny



Guest House:
2 floors, 4 rooms, accommodation for 10 people. 2 bathrooms, fully-equipped kitchen. Guests can cater for themselves if they wish, or full-board can also be provided. Secure parking, garden with facilities for cooking over a fire. Address: 6136 Harkakötöny, Rákóczi u. 8. Owner: Mrs István Fekete, tel.: 77/489-029, 20/396-1608.




Private Accommodation:
Vadászfamilia Kft., owner: Tibor Feketü. Address: 6136 Harkakötöny, Bem u. 13., tel.: 77/489-035.






Kellner Farm:
6136 Harkakötöny, Kötönypuszta 19. A private farmhouse also functioning as a guest house. 4 rooms with accommodation for 9 people. The beautiful surroundings, clean rural air and well-equipped farmhouse guarantee pleasant relaxation for families and groups of friends alike.








Owner, information:
Mrs Barnabás Kellner

6400 Kiskunhalas, Szilády Áron u. 38.,
tel.: 77/422-861; 20/9394-591





Name Address Telephone / e-mail
Council Office 6136 Harkakötöny, Kossuth u. 1. 77/489-022, 77/489-150 harkaph@emitelnet.hu
Primary School and Nursery Rákóczi u. 17. 77/489-028
Cultural Centre Kossuth u. 5. 77/489-045
Hungarian Post Office   77/489-209
Hungarian Railway Company Vasút u. 77/489-134
Doctor’s surgery Bem u. 2. 77/489-025
District Health Service   77/489-244
“Szélkiáltó” (“Curlew”) Environmental Protection Association Ságvári u. 10. 77/489-276 
Telecottage Kossuth u. 5. 77/489-182
“Kellner Farm” Dr. and Mrs Barnabás Kellner Kötöny pta. 19. 77/422-861
Woodland School Foundation, Endre Győri   70/943-9590
tel/fax.: 77/489-276
Angler’s Association, Tibor Kanász   30/953-8074
Hunters’ Society   77/423-011